About Us

We are delighted to launch our first merchandise range branded Wacky Rally

We are proud of our achievements to date so felt the time was right to offer a universal range of products at sensible prices to support our loyal customers

By finding our merchandise site we guess you know who we are ...if not here's our Wacky Rally story....

With over 10 years experience our Wacky story is one of fun and great adventure....

The concept behind a Wacky Rally

Essentially a banger rally is a collection of vehicles that have been purchased or otherwise obtained through various ingenious methods, and then personalised in a variety of glorious and imaginative ways. Ideas range from the Bat Mobile, animals of various denominations, pirate ships, tanks, and crazy paint jobs.

Doing up the car is incredibly fun but driving it across Europe is where the real fun begins. The shared challenge, the camaraderie and the memorable stories are what make the Wacky Rally Europe's favourite car rally, a trip you'll remember for the rest of your life.

The Reality of the rally

Don't be fooled, this is no holiday. The rally is extremely fun but it's also a great challenge. Obstacles are part and parcel of the rally and the bond you will have with your fellow passengers can only be described as a two year relationship rolled into four days.

One thing you must understand about this rally is that it's not a race in any way, shape or form. This is not a poor man's gumball or a thinly disguised dart along the autobahns in a cheap motor. This, ladies and gentleman, is a fun, all inclusive, jolly for people who enjoy a challenge and some fun along the way. 

Support a charity

Many people take part in these events for charity ...we offer you your own personalised page to promote your cause or just to share the adventure with friends and family

Full details on how to enter one of our many rallies are available at www.wackyrally.co.uk or by hitting the back to site tab at the bottom of this page.